More pictures of baby Constantina

I was so please after speaking with Constantina’s mum about the photoshoot. She knew exactly what she wanted for her newborn photo-session in my home studio in Randwick. She showed me  different set-ups that she loved and I then was so excited to create these images for her. For once the mum was creazy about pink, so I had no fear to play with pink shades and be girly!

During the newborn photo-session the baby was so relax and left me do so many different poses. It was so much fun to photograph Constantina. Being a newborn photographer is not easy every day. 

When I showed the images to the parents, they were so pleased to see what I create for them : unique and beautiful memories of their baby girl being so beautiful and small. That’s really why I love my job so much, I love to see so much emotions in parents faces when they  view their gallery for the first time. I know I did my job well and on top of that I enjoyed it.

Love babies, newborn and human interactions.



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