More pictures of baby Olivia

I haven’t been writing on my blog for the past 6 months. So busy, between photo-sessions, editing and of course taking care of my family in my spare time.

To be fair with you I am more a photographer than a writer. Give me a beautiful family with a newborn baby and I am in my element in my home studio in Randwick.

Love my job, especially when I meet beautiful newborn baby like Olivia. She is so stunning, look at her face, her lips, all her features are just so gorgeous.

It was such a pleasure to photograph this baby. Life as a newborn photographer can be very difficult when a baby is unsettled, in pain with colic or something else that make them uncomfortable. So when I met Olivia I knew this baby was a gem and I was going to enjoy myself.

I promise I will show more of my work on a regular basis…Just need to find the time to share the love.






More pictures of baby Fransceca

This little girl was so gorgeous, she has the perfect little face, and look at her lips….A delight to photograph! I am in love with her, she is just perfection.

I really enjoy meeting local people that live very close to my studio. For me it means a lot being the local newborn photographer. I want to be part of a communaute and feel I contribute with my talent as a photographer to capture important moment of a human life.

Live local, shop local and photograph local, that’s my new life motive….


More pictures of baby Constantina

I was so please after speaking with Constantina’s mum about the photoshoot. She knew exactly what she wanted for her newborn photo-session in my home studio in Randwick. She showed me  different set-ups that she loved and I then was so excited to create these images for her. For once the mum was creazy about pink, so I had no fear to play with pink shades and be girly!

During the newborn photo-session the baby was so relax and left me do so many different poses. It was so much fun to photograph Constantina. Being a newborn photographer is not easy every day. 

When I showed the images to the parents, they were so pleased to see what I create for them : unique and beautiful memories of their baby girl being so beautiful and small. That’s really why I love my job so much, I love to see so much emotions in parents faces when they  view their gallery for the first time. I know I did my job well and on top of that I enjoyed it.

Love babies, newborn and human interactions.


More pictures of baby Chloe

Yes…A baby girl came to my studio…I was so exited to organise the different sets. A slight touch of pink, but bring on my cream organic tones again.

This little girl was so cute and look at her set of hair, a real little dole.

I was so happy to see this beautiful family going home with all these images and this amazing album.

My goal as a photographer is first to understand the light on my models and then to captures images filled with emotions. Secondly I aim for my clients to go home with something concrete in their hands and not only a USB key that they will forget in a office drawer. I want my work to come to life with high quality prints, or with an amazing Fine Art Album or with simply their best image in a wall art frame.

Let’s build an amazing family photographic heritage that they will adore for ever.



More pictures of Baby Max

So many baby boys in my studio lately.

I don’t know what the statistic show of the number of boys being born in the world compare to baby girls. But I definitely get more baby boys in my home studio in Randwick!

Bring it on, lovely blues and cream tones.

This little man was just so good and I could use so many different set ups, props…It was just a pleasure to photograph Max.

His parents and big brother came for a maternity session two months prior.

I have been very lucky to share these special moments with this family and to capture these very happy moments in my images.  I love human interactions, sharing love, happiness, jokes and being able to do this during my work is so much fun. I think there is no secret in Life if you are happy, you will bring great energy and success.

I enjoy my journey and I hope it will never stop.

Share the love.



More photos of Baby Mac

It has been so long since I have published a blog post. My last one was after our holidays in Europe, and since then not an image, not a word….

I have been very busy shooting, but also editing as more than two thirds of my work requires editing photographs. To be fair with you it isn’t my cup of tea to write but just ask to photograph newborn babies and I will be so excited.

When I was away this little man, Mac came to life. He was 3 weeks old when he came to my home studio in Randwick. It was so nice to meet his beautiful mum Rachelle again, who came earlier in June for a maternity photo-session.

This little man was so beautiful with his curves and plump cheeks. Just watch the pictures and enjoy.

Promise I will write again soon…So many sessions to share…Stay tuned and have fun.







My boys my life….

I love creating images that awake emotions, stop time….. make people think….. In my photographs I push to capture the magic,  the smells, the touch, the moods, the persons thoughts in the moment and make these memories an unforgettable part of life. 

All we have in life is the human interaction………..

I love to document life and tell a story,  a story about a unique human interaction

This time it is our story, our holidays in rural Ireland: memories, friendships, love, freedom, learning, sounds, animals, tastes, forgiving, countryside, life, fresh air, no traffic, no queues, rain, more rain, potatoes, more potatoes, clouds, more clouds, routines….Nothing has changed for the past few years….It’s like going back in time except the boys are bigger and older. Life is so beautiful……

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